Thursday 9 August 2012

That's what she said

This is going to sound super corny I know, but I have realized that my mother’s opinions about any guy have invariably ended up making sense.

I may think that this guy is absolutely fantastic, an amazing friend and all that, but mom will contradict, obviously.  Not because she likes to be a sadist and dampen my enthusiasm with her remarks, but, because she is able to see something in him that I’m not able to.

But, I get angry.

You never get it, do you Mum?
She gets it. I don’t. I never do as a matter of fact.

I wish I was endowed with that sixth sense. A very valuable sense that too.
And as I ponder over my mother’s words, I realize that her recent opinions about someone were indeed true.

It all makes sense. I was in some stupid denial mode.

The day she expresses strong positive emotions about a guy I fancy, will feature in one of the best days of my life.

It’s not like I want to base my likes and dislikes over my mother’s judgements and views, but come to face it, my mother has never been and will never be biased.

Because what she says has a lot of truth in it.


  1. They do have a sixth sense.

  2. Every mom develops a sixth sense for her babies. Thank you, baby - I love you!

  3. And when the right person comes along, you will know. And your mom will like him too. Trust me. :) It happened to me 20 years ago!