Wednesday 20 November 2013



I could copy paste the first paragraph of my previous post, but in simpler and more blatant words, writing has taken a backseat. Probably the backseat of a bus headed to Timbaktu.

I should be studying for an examination that is due on Saturday. But, I'm spending time with a friend called Procrastination as of now. Friend is partially to blame for my sluggishness and couch potato-ness. Should I apologise?

I'm not dissatisfied or unhappy or frustrated, or anything of that sort. Strangely enough, everything seems to be stationary. Sometimes, I tend to forget which day it is and important dates such as birthdays. Sometimes, when I look out of the window and observe the sky, I feel as though the clouds haven't really moved. They're all still. Two pigeons visit my balcony every morning, and Mum has conjured a harebrained story about them being reincarnations of my late grandparents. My day is incomplete without filter coffee, "Romedy Now", "Lost", books, and my very faithful cellphone, not to mention social media.

The only things that are liable to change are my shower timings and sleep pattern. I have also been munching on 'Little Heart' biscuits. I haven't had time to explore new places for photography. I think I'm going to the railway station on my own during the winter break and capture various scenes out there on my camera.

Music hasn't been exactly forgotten. I anticipate some worthwhile jamming sessions with a friend. So that's good.

As much as I would love for some spice or masala in my seemingly mundane routine, I think I'd like to secretly savour the monotony because I know deep down that routines are liable to change, and that I might not be able to get this time back. I feel like some major change is imminent. It's like the lull before a storm, but,\ this time the storm may not be a storm. It could be something pleasant.

I think I'd like constancy for a change. I hate pigeons, but if they are supposedly my thatha and patti, I don't mind indulging in their company.


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