Monday 19 September 2011

Everything happens for a reason :)

So it has indeed been four months since I have blogged! Inspiration definitely comes along but, usually at night when slumber threatens to descend on me. Sigh. Also my laziness accounts for the long interval. I switch on the computer and Facebook screams, "COME CHECK YOUR NOTIFICATIONS!". What about blogging? All that is forgotten. Oops.

Probably this happened for a reason. Don't know what that is.

As cliched as it sounds, I have also been busy. Admissions, College, Goodbyes. Adjusting to the various changes that occurred over such a short span had seemed tough initially, but hey, I passed that stage eventually.

When I couldn't make it to the college of my choice, I was pretty much disheartened. Fergusson seemed to be the ultimate option as it offered the course I wanted. Moreover, I would see a lot of familiar faces out there. Highly popular,  it boasted of a great campus, surrounded by eateries, shops selling almost everything, from books to footwear and clothes. Commuting was the only drawback because travelling 11km, to and fro everyday would be tiresome.

I was confident I would sail through the entrance test and see my name on the first list. If not first, then the waiting list would surely reassure me. After appearing for the examination, I felt quite happy with the way I had fared. As the result-declaration day neared, I started getting the jitters. I began considering the other consequence. The growing anxiety on my face didn't go unnoticed by my mother. She decided to take a day off from work and go college-hunting with me. Of course I needed to keep my options open. Not many colleges offered Biotechnology as an undergraduate course. I knew she didn't mean to scare me, but thinking of the negative scenario was nerve racking. However, relying on just one college would be foolish, hence I went along with whatever Mum had in her mind. It was also distracting and definitely made me feel optimistic.

Ironically, the day we went college hunting coincided with the announcement of results. Since the latter was scheduled for the evening, we chalked out our agenda accordingly. Visiting Bharati Vidyapeet University was one of the major highlights of our hunt. (I won't mention the others, as I found none of the other colleges we visited, very appealing.) Somehow, I had always had my qualms about that place. The name itself sounded so 'uncool'. Had I voiced my opinions, mum would have cancelled our plan out of pure irritation. I kept my inhibitions aside and entered the University with my mother.

Call it the breeze blowing in the campus or the vibes of the location, but somehow the atmosphere out there lured me to explore the place and infused some hope into me. We visited the Rajiv Gandhi Institute for IT and Biotechnology, which was our main objective. The office staff were welcoming and pleasant. Details for the entrance examination and a brief over view of the course were given. There was something good about this place, after all. The cloud of apprehension in my mind cleared and I rejoiced to think that I did have another option as a back up.

Our mission was successful. But the moment we stepped out of the college, the persistent worry returned. It was time to check my results in Fergusson. All though I was tense, I couldn't help but think about the other option which gave me some relief.

Scanning frantically for my name in the list, I could feel disappointment creeping up slowly. Where the hell was my name? I checked the waiting list as well, but  it wasn't to be seen. My worst fears were confirmed.

I was upset. I had already imagined myself bunking lectures, giggling with my friends, participating in Oorja, the college festival ; in short having the time of my life out here. Mum consoled me by reassuring that my name was sure to be in the lists that followed. 'You still have a chance to make it through to another equally esteemed college in hand. Don't let go off that now.'she said. All hope wasn't lost. I cheered up a bit.

Over the next two weeks I worked hard to achieve what I wanted. Meanwhile I didn't give up on Fergusson. I would ring up the college office daily, to enquire about the upcoming list only to get a negative response.I didn't lose hope. Keep working towards your next goal, I told myself.

I was rewarded, of course. Fergusson wasn't meant for me. I passed the entrance examination with flying colours and was granted immediate admission into RITBT, Bharati Vidyapeet, the place with soothing vibes. A new place, new teachers, new friends, a new start. The first day wasn't interesting considering everyone was unknown to me. However, making friends wasn't a challenge. A large percent of the students comprise hostel-ites, especially immigrants from Bihar, pleasant and friendly. Getting accustomed to a new surrounding with new elements hardly took time. Everything about this college appeals to me.

Irony was yet to play a role. The day my name appeared on the final merit list of RGITBT, I received a call from the main office of Fergusson, offering me a seat in the Biotech course.  The woman was impatient. She wanted me to decide immediately and answer her. This was something I had waited for desperately. Calling the main office daily, only to get disappointed, had been unpleasant. But, Fergusson was finally welcoming me into its premises , promising exciting college days. What was I to do?

I kept the line on hold and dialled my mother's number. Her answer was simple. "Just follow your heart. I will support your decision, whatever it may be."

"Hello! Aap ko admission lena hai ki nahi?" questioned the shrill voice, once I had retrieved the line. I declined the offer.

I don't regret having made this decision. I can say, without a trace of hesitation, that I'm happy studying at RGITBT. Cool? Yes it is. College is fun :)

Everything happens for a reason. Yes.


  1. Its funny how you don't have an option that says loved it.:)Following dreams. Everything does happen for a reason.

  2. Thanks!
    Yup, now when I look back, I realised all this happened for a reason!