Monday 31 October 2011

Small joys :)

It's just one of those days when I sit thinking about those things that actually bring a smile on my face. :)

1. Strings, especially the fifth and the third. Don't ask me why.

2. Random messages from friends. Depends on the extent of randomness.

3. The taste of South Indian Filter coffee

4. A fully loaded wallet

5. Digging my feet deep into sand

6. Drinking tea out of a porcelain tea cup

7. Reading an engrossing book on a chilly night, cuddled up in an extremely cosy blanket.

8. Blue ink pens

9. Yellowed pages

10. The smell of old books

11. The hair-style transformation after I step out of a beauty parlour.

12. When my favourite song plays on the radio..

13. Unexpected holidays!

14. Staring into a dog's eyes. The warmth and the friendliness radiating out of them.

15. The feeling after having had a good cry

16. The smell of Pear's soap. It's my favourite. :)

17. The early morning breeze

18. The stillness and quiet of the house when everybody else is asleep.

19. Mornings minus the frequent tantrums thrown by my sister.

20. Playing with Mum's hair.

21. Blogging haha :)

22. Crayons and sketch pens

23. The smell of Dad's cupboard

24. The shadows that my bedside lamp throws on the marble floor

25. Clean windows

26. The smell of chocolate

27. Red sweaters or pull-overs

28. Road trips!

29. The sudden crazy temptation to buy everything, on entering a mall.

30. Airports :)

31. Take off! Zwoooooosh!

32. Landing! Thuddd!

33. Watching B-grade movies in a flight out of sheer boredom. Ironically, they stay in your head!

34. The smell of burnt matchsticks

35. A good hair day

36. Birthdays!

37. The satisfaction after resolving a misunderstanding

38.Passing by particular places and remembering the memories associated with them.

39. Family vacations!

40. Staying up till 3 in the morning, chatting with a close friend. :)

41. Stalking cute guys on facebook

42. Catching a cute guy staring at me

43. Saying hello to kaamvaali bais :)

44. When gulps of water relieve my parched tongue and throat

45. The perfect facebook profile picture

46. Bathroom singing

47. Strumming random tunes

48. The effect of inspirational books, movies, songs ,blogs etc

49. Resting my head on my Paati's (grandmother) lap

50. The smell of Paati's saaris

51. Ponds talcum powder

52. Getting excited to meet an old friend after ages!

53. When someone replies instantly to my SMSes

54. Storing memorable messages in my inbox and reading them when I feel low.

55. Wearing new clothes for the first time!

56. Salivating on seeing my favourite dish when I'm ravenous

57. When pimples recede from my face

58. Satisfaction on scoring well in my exams!

59. Being punctual on rare occasions

60. Raindrops on my face :)

The above list follows no sequence.
 Shall be updated, time and again

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