Saturday 26 November 2011

The Kolaveri. ;)

Okay in spite of being a South Indian, a Tamilian, to be specific, I detest Kollywood and its creative songs; the typical 'dabangkootu' (hardcore) numbers, with the stereotyped mrindangam and dholak beats, not to mention the heavy use of nadaswaram. I am generalizing of course, but there are the likes of Rahman and Illayaraja too, who compose great tunes.

So here's to twenty-one year old debutant music composer, Anirudh Ravichander, whose song 'Why this Kolaveri' has grabbed my attention and also a cosy spot in my head, so that it can replay over and over again. Silly but funny lyrics, a catchy combination of acoustic guitar, piano, mrindangam and nadaswaram, sung by South Indian sensation, Dhanush (whom I really don't care about), it has definitely become a YouTube virus, receiving  over a million 'likes' within five days.

Kolaveri? A rage to kill. I have felt the kolaveri too.


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