Tuesday 15 November 2011

Whatsapp dude?

Okay. So I'm not an Android person, neither am I an Apple person, nor am I a Blackberry person.

I was a Nokia person once upon a time.

Now, I'm an outdated Samsung Corby person. I know it's not as brilliant as the above mentioned phones.


My father bought me a Corby Pro 5310 this year since my poor old Nokia phone was dying.
Yeah I did do my homework before buying this phone. I read about Androids. Blackberry and Apple were strictly a no no. An Android wasn't really expensive either, just 1K more than a Corby.

The world yelled ANDROID! But I settled for a Corby. It was an instinctive decision. Moreover, my dad had a point. An Android boasts of innumerable applications or Apps. Apps which I wouldn't require. I would only require 10% of the phone ; Messages, Calls, Camera, Music Player and a bit of Facebook thrown in. (Okay not a bit. A lot actually.) The Corby looked impressive with its red slider keypad, in spite of the lack of better Apps. (I bet someone is gonna read this and go, "Jesus.You bought this phone because of its appearance! Jackass!"). The Corby fulfilled the essentials, it looked good, it also had WiFi connectivity, something which my old phone lacked. I was satisfied. I still am.

The Android is ideal. I remember my cousin praising Google Maps on her Android. "I'm not kidding. Once I was inside Aarey milk colony at like 11:30 in the night all by myself. It was so scary. I used my maps to make sure I was going in the right direction! Go buy an Android!"

It imposes on my very humble Corby Pro which has a mediocre resistive touch screen (I feel so techy using such terms) and also lacks the App which is currently very popular - WhatsApp! I will now shift my focus from my phone to WhatsApp because, honestly speaking, my mind has been numbed by hearing all the praises heaped on this wonderful application.

I am not criticizing it. I think it's a cheap alternative to text messaging close ones, who live on the other side of the globe. But there is a catch. This fantastic and very awesome application is supported only by Android, Apple, Blackberry and the Nokia smart phones.The creator of this application obviously overlooked the poor old normal phone users. (Yes Corby is very normal. Very second-rate.) The application is not supported by the usual operating systems. We have been (normal phone users and I)deprived of the joy of WhatsApping our loved ones!

Facebook chat

Me : I haven't spoken to Christina in ages. She is so busy. Poor thing.

Friend 1 : Busy? Erm yeah she has been a bit busy. But there is always time to WhatsApp!

Me : What?

Friend 1 : Whatsapp? Don't you know what that is? It is the best ..
....I chat with her throughout the day at regular intervals.

Me: Oh.Great.I can download it too,alright.

Friend 1 :  You have a Corby right? Haha not possible! Your phone doesn't support this App.

Me: Are you sure?

Friend 1 : I guess so, that's what I have heard. Who cares I have my Blackberry!

All hope is not lost.

Friend 2 : Hey!

Me : Hi! Will a Corby Pro support WhatsApp?

Friend 2 : WhatsApp isn't meant for sad phones! No it doesn't. Why?

Me : Never mind.

At some point, I did wish for an Android. Herd mentality, they say.

I look at my phone and play with the slider. Whatsit sorry Whatsapp maybe awesome, but I love my phone way too much.

So much for ownership.