Thursday 14 June 2012

Eye don’t know how to

Wear contact lenses.

That’s it I’m a klutz.

I was at the eye clinic today. My fourth sitting, as I valiantly tried to practice wearing contact lenses. She hates me, that doctor. It seems so and I know for sure. It’s like she wanted me out of her stupid clinic.

“Arrey baba why are you blinking so much?! Anjali, even if you come here for ten days you are never going to get it because you keep blinking.”

Then she smiled diabolically, simultaneously summing me up as a clumsy freak.

I felt foolish and totally self conscious as I tried in vain to pull the eyelids of my right eye, the way she had demonstrated, trying to insert the cup shaped lens balanced on my right index finger, onto my eye.

It was trembling. Don’t blink, don’t blink! That’s it you have got it..almost..yes..
My lens was moving closer towards my right cornea.

And then there it was.

Hanging for its life from my lashes.

I had blinked again.

The doctor sighed. “Children learn this in 15 minutes of their first sitting. Anyway I will see you tomorrow.”

a sad yet scornful smile plastered on her face. She just wanted to me to scoot.

I could feel my eyes stinging. “Oh shit I’m not going to cry for something as silly as this! C’mon!” I scolded myself inwardly. I tried to maintain my composure as I walked out of her clinic, in some sort of a dignified way.

I couldn’t maintain it for long though. I came home and burst into tears. Mom tried to hide her amusement and she comforted me.

“I’m All my friends who wear lenses would have never faced this problem!” I blubbered.

Mom showed me a few demonstrative YouTube videos about wearing contact lenses for the first time. She scrolled down to the comments. I couldn’t help but feel good after reading them.

There was this one that went like this -
“Thanks for putting this video up. I died at the doctors office trying to put one in for 30 minutes, and when I got home I died taking them out for bed. Haha. I found that the easiest way is to look directly at the lens and just stick it on even though it feels horrible, it’s much faster… At least for me…”

and this

“i cant do this! im sucha pussy man!!!”

So Eye’m not the only freak after all.


  1. Aww no reason to feel bad, so many people can't do it! If you're determined to wear contacts you'll get the hang of it eventually but if not, glasses aren't so bad. I've worn them since I was eight years old lol

    1. That makes me feel better, thank you :-) Yeah well I don't like wearing glasses all the time so I want to keep lenses as an alternative! :-)

  2. “Children learn this in 15 minutes of their first sitting." WHAT. That is such a lie. How sadistic of her to say that. Trust me, everyone struggles with it in the beginning!

    I spent forty minutes putting it on for the first time because I kept on blinking and having the lense dangling out. The optician told me that it is normal and everybody finds it difficult in the beginning because our eyes are made to blink instinctively as soon as any foreign object comes nearby- to protect it. So it takes time for the eye to get used to having something around.

    And for a whole month after I started wearing contact lenses, I'd wake up half an hour earlier just to put them on. Now it just takes a second! You'll get the hang of it. But totally ignore what your doctor said.

    1. Yeah I did ignore. I told her I would take them home and practice. What I really wanted to say was "I don't like you!I can do it on my own, thank you!".

      Thank you! :-)

  3. Most doctors or teachers (or parents) try to alleviate fear by making certain things sound simple. Oh, waxing hardly hurts. There! I pulled out that tooth! Why, my 5-year-old never cries when he gets an injection!

    So, keep trying and don't let your fear get into your way. :-)

    1. Hmm, yeah I guess so. You are right.
      Thanks! :-)

  4. Anjali,

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