Friday 29 June 2012

Happy Endings

I watched a Bollywood movie after ages. It had a godforsaken plot which ended depressingly with one of the protagonists dying. It was pretty intriguing,,but, that ending destroyed the initial happy feel.

I don't want to discuss the movie. I don't like watching my favourite characters die, especially if they are cute. Aargh!

I'm a sucker for movies with fairytale endings. Okay, sometimes I wish my life were a movie with all the drama, emotions, ups and downs (and ups again); a superb climax (obviously) leading to a perfect finish, and ta da it's done! And of course, a brilliant background score to complement it. Ek dum masaaledar, as a typical Indian movie buff would put it.

 I first thought liking happy endings was kind of lame because harsh, brutal endings is what life is about and movies portraying this aspect are mature and realistic, and if one likes such movies, well ehm..ermm... one's considered to have a good taste.

Movies gotta be real. And all that.

I brooded over this for sometime and realized that I prefer the former, make-believe aspect of movies. I know the what the real thing is about. I know my life isn't a movie. But, indulging in predictable, yes even stereotyped fantasy is nice for a change, an escape from uncertainty.

Say guy X, whom I adore, who is a friend, who doesn't see me in that light, who already has a girlfriend to whom he is going to propose, suddenly realizes that he has got it all wrong (when he is already on his knees, mind you), and comes running to my doorstep to  say "It's you I have been looking for." and then pulls me close. My favorite Gary Cherone song playing in the background. Roll credits.

That's a movie (with cheesy dialogues).

Realistically speaking, I would receive a get-a-move-on slap on my face from life. My best friend would say "The sea is full of fishes! Don't worry!". Else something else would come up to distract me. No background music.

Now this is real.

Yes, it's not exactly what one wishes for. It's not stereotyped. It's far from being predictable. There is a plot, nevertheless; a plot that keeps one in dark for a lifetime. The suspense is exciting. But, sometimes the suspense tires me. I wish events could be a bit foreseeable now and then.


Watching corny flicks occasionally.

And they lived happily ever after.

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