Friday 23 November 2012


Sometimes, the cliched some-words-are-unsaid quote doesn’t apply all the time. Sometimes, an expression of affection, yeah those random i-love-you(s) or you-are-awesome-dude(s) are definitely worth the delight they infuse in a person, once they are uttered. Even corny lines to console your girlfriend who has chipped her front tooth - “You still look so pretty, babe.” Sweet lies, I know. Nevertheless they are effective.

They don’t require effort. Just a mere movement of your lips. Say them. Let those words flow.
And if words can’t be uttered, then quick hugs or cuddles or a peck on the cheek work, because they are innuendos of love.

Then you have those subtle gestures, like staying up late at night, waiting to dine with your significant other who has been held up at work. Or reassurance that signifies “Hey, I’ll take care of this mess. You better hurry up and get going.” Or just simply saving a bar of chocolate for your young sibling. Or helping him or her with a boring Science project. Or assisting Mum in the kitchen. Or watching a horror flick with Dad. Celebrating New Year with your family instead of your friends. Or aiding your old neighbour to lift a heavy load. Or placing a pint of Kingfisher before your best friend who is a victim of a torturous breakup, the ultimate chal-daru-peeten-hain option.

The Homo Sapien has been blessed with the ultimate power of articulation, of words and facial expressions. So why veil all that under a hermetic shell?

Say it. Show it. And make sure the smiles exceed the frowns.