Sunday 3 March 2013


"Featuring the Superheroes of the 21st century"

Heroes-R-Us is a tribute to Andrew Kaufman, the pioneer Superhero seeker who has been responsible for bringing some of the world's unsung superheroes to prominence. You would have read  'All My Friends Are Superheroes.' Obviously. If you haven't then I suppose you have been sitting in a cocoon all this while, scrutinizing your abnormally normal life which is in dire need of Inspiration.

 Now, the most common assumption that the every normal ignoramus makes is that Superheroes have descended from another planet, probably another galaxy, and have skin tight costumes tailor-made by themselves. They are not expected to use their superpowers to suit themselves. Instead, they are supposed to work for this peculiar Greater Good. And of course, the attachment of the inane suffix '-Man' to every Superhero name is a ridiculous predilection among several others, that never fails to amaze me. Blame the conceptualized Superheroes such as Superman, Batman and Spiderman for this, who have always stuck to illustrative comics and nowadays multiplexes and televisions (where they have sadly been portrayed by imposters). They make the ordinary folks feel warm and fuzzy temporarily, but obviously aren't Real.

Hence, enter Heroes-R-Us to do away with these presumptions.

The featured superheroes undoubtedly have one or several, good or bad superpowers to their credit, but as mentioned earlier, they are free to use them for their own benefit, and are under no obligation whatsoever to help or usurp the masses. They walk, talk, eat, sleep and defecate normally, because they are Home Sapiens by constitution. They just have certain traits or characters that have been Super-amplified, due to some mutated Gene or just simply due to God's Grace. Moreover, they are real. You just have to open your eyes.

 Heroes-R-Us is a compilation of the century's important and unimportant Superheroes that aims to bring them closer to the average plebeians. The content will be released on a daily basis during the month of April, year - 2013, in an alphabetical order. Sundays are naturally off.

Those who are earliest to comment will be thanked personally by the Superhero featured on that particular day.

Tune in from 1st April onward to catch up on some interesting trivia about your favourite Superhero!

Author aka Anju


  1. This is ADORABLE. So looking forward to this April :)

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