Monday 1 April 2013

Amby The Ambivalent

"I'm not sure if I should be considered as a Superhero." says Amby. "Or maybe I could be, considering I have always managed to get a taste of everything possible without staunchly choosing any ONE particular thing. Am I indecisive? I'm not sure." *giggles nervously*

And the day has indeed arrived. Hello readers! Welcome to the official release of Heroes-R-US. Today's article being the first, will feature Amby the Ambivalent.

Has he been blessed or cursed with Ambivalence as his name suggests? Amby has been unable to come to a conclusion regarding his superpower, or as a matter of fact any situation that puts forth Options. Also he wonders whether it was a good idea to be a part of Heroes-R-Us.

Well, Amby I can assure you that we had no second opinions regarding your invitation.
Born to a half-brown family in San Jose, Amby had always been as normal as any boy born to a half brown family has been. His parents, Ravinder Singh and Anna Jones had always had the upper hand when it came to  deciding the course of their normal son's life, from the food he ate and clothes he wore to the T.V programs he could watch. Amby had never had a say in these matters, and had never expressed a desire to do so.

It was only after his parents' untimely death in a car crash before his graduation, that Amby realised he wasn't normal. His superpower came to light when the question about his career popped up. Amby loved the Arts as well as Science. Unfortunately, his parents hadn't chalked out a career plan for him which left him in a dilemma. Unable to decide, Amby started off with Science, switched to Arts, back to Science, and then to Arts again, without mastering none. That's when he knew he was Ambivalent.

Amby lives in his specially designed his half-apartment-cum-half-villa at the Crossroads. Luckily for Amby, he has found quite a few friends who are ambivalent to an extent, in spite of being non-superheroes. "They won't live at the Crossroads for long, though. They will settle elsewhere once they decide." says Amby sadly.

Amby has tried his hand at boxing, bungee-jumping, engineering, architecture, Warli painting, scuba-diving, singing, and has played a variety of instruments from the sitar to the xylophone. Ambi possesses the rare ability to feel happy and sad and brave and scared, simultaneously.

Is there anything you would like to add, Amby?

(Some hopes that he might say a lot more)

 Amby thinks hard and says, "Uh..well..I'm not sure.."


  1. creative expression of this flavorless word! awesome a job!

    1. Amby thanks you profusely!

      "Thank.errr.yeah that's right. Thanks!"

  2. Neat! I'm sure I enjoyed it. ;-)

  3. Neat! I'm sure I enjoyed it. ;-)

  4. Amby sure represent a lot of us ... "I'm not sure" ... look for forward where this will be going.

    1. "I'm glad my superpower has a good potential."

  5. heheh! Love it, nice story.