Tuesday 2 April 2013

Boms The Bombastic

"Dad gifted me a Rolls-Royce convertible when I was ten. Just ten, can you IMAGINE?! Of course, I had Stevens driving me to school everyday until I was old enough to drive. I have always wanted to be independent and I have succeeded, undoubtedly. I own a magnificent mansion overlooking the beach, a lavish garden with a lot of Magnolias (those are my favourites!) and orchids of course, and a private swimming pool too, a big one that has a warm water facility for winter and also a beach bar and..."

Owner of Bombastically Yours Pvt.Ltd, a fashion enterprise that is known for its glamorous produce, Bomsanya Bombastica has indeed been blessed with an extravagant superpower. She was born with a silver spoon, to her superhero parents who unfortunately hadn't been able to make a lasting mark on their respective generation. The Bombasticas had suffered a rags-to-riches history and were determined to not let it affect their precious offspring's future. And indeed their attempts to raise Boms under an extravagant limelight haven't failed. Congratulations Boms, on your fantastic genes!

Boms The Bombastic as she's popularly known, has the innate ability to access the grandest of  materialistic pleasures, and likewise make the simplest of things look grand. Wealth has always stuck by her side and so has Success. Fashion isn't her only fort, she is also a part-time wedding planner (weddings being limited to the creme de la creme), a writer, a chef, and an accomplished belly dancer.  The paparazzi are her best friends.

However her bombastic overtures have never gone down too well with a lot of people."They call me a pompous braggart, which is like calling an ice-cream cold," she says scornfully. "This doesn't mean I'm vain. I just love extravagance, and I love to flaunt it," she adds quickly.

So why is being bombastic considered so negative?

"I'm not pretentious. This is how I am. My country wedding would be flashy. My bathtub's the size of a mini pool. I like to have champagne every Sunday, and I do eat caviar on a regular basis. I cannot be understated even if I want to, and hell no, I don't want to."

So much for all the envious souls. 

She would also like to build a massive orphanage equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including  designer clothing for the kids.

Boms adds her snazziest of lines before signing off

"Subtle does not feature in my vocabulary."


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  2. I like your superheroes. They are so unique.

  3. This is hilarious! I am now trying to imagine costumes. Boms seems to absolutely NEED a cape.