Sunday 7 April 2013

EF- fy the Effervescent

"I'm a part of Heroes-R-Us! It's truly an honour! How does my suit look? Dashing, eh? I have prepared myself for answering absolutely every question you put before me! How about..."

Today calls for a special post. I have decided to dedicate the letters E and F to Effy, considering Earl the Erratic never turned up, and actually considering Effy has been effervescently enthusiastic about his interview. I know this is called cheating, but Effy says, "You aren't cheating, and even if you are, well, it's for a good cause!"

And that did feel good

Bubbly, frolicky and high spirited Effy is known for his handy superpower that can influence one's mood lest he feel low. "I lost all hope after failing my medical exams for the second time and I was about to kick the bucket when I met Effy at the local pub," says his friend Rob. "He bought me a pint of frothy beer and asked me to gulp it down quickly and feel the rush of the drink down my throat. Things changed after the beer. I felt zealous and happier. I topped my exams the following year.Currently, I work in my own clinic."

"I'm an event manager! I love planning and organizing events. It gives me a heady feeling. I love jazzy parties with fizz, alcohol and happy folks!" True that. Effy has made a dull corporate gathering do the harlem shake, that has been captured on tape and uploaded on Youtube. "145522792 likes!" he says, triumphantly.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to his amazing superpower as well. Effy's boisterous nature has been termed as obnoxious, especially when he couldn't wipe the smile off his face during a funeral service. "The man had been as old as a banyan tree! I'm sure God had arranged a welcome party for him, up above. I just felt his farewell party could have been happier. I didn't try and change the atmosphere though!" he says cheerily.

Nothing can bog him down. A lover of bubble baths, foamy soaps and carbonated drinks,even a rainy day with mucky roads and insensitive cars that splatter mud all over, is incapable of dampening his ebullience.

"Muck and rain are best friends. Just as Coke and I."