Monday 8 April 2013

Gertude The Gossiper

How does it feel to be a part of Heroes-R-Us, Gertude?
It's great. I was told I wasn't going to be a part of it though, is it true? I'm sure Deb spread that rumour. She hates my guts.

Uhh..Deb and you?

You will never believe it but Deb was actually my best friend. I would get my free supply of candies every month until I found they tasted different after a while. I complained about it to Deb of course, but maybe it didn't go down too well with her as the candies stopped coming in. And she began to ignore me at parties. I bet she didn't want me to share the limelight with her.

Your superpower is the mother of all controversies in the film fraternity. Is that true?
Gossip's in my blood. Actors wouldn't thrive without my support in their so-called fraternity. Controversies may seem to be the bane of their existence, but it keeps them buzzing. People remember them because of ME. Gossip comes before films, always. 

There has been a lot of talk about the Babble pills,lately. Enlighten us.
Babble pills have been funded by me. It suits introverts and people who are unable to make small talk. One pill can make you prattle  about almost anything for at least two hours. And trust me it won't be just gibberish. You end up engaging the listener as well.

Earl the Erratic has been AWOL for the past one month. You may have an idea considering you know him well, yeah?

There has been talk about Earl getting into drugs. He seems to have been hallucinating a lot of things including a mysterious White Woman and snow. Earl has been talking to himself rather than me. I'm pretty sure I saw him talking to the air, yesterday.

People say your words should be taken with a pinch of salt. How true is that?
True, you could also take it with some lemon and tequila.

Your weekly editorial, The Grapevine is a rage among young adults. How do you feel?

Why thank you it feels great. The Grapevine talks about topics that are close to the young heart including beauty and health tips, relationship advice, celebrity news etc. It also features a column where individuals can speak their minds. It promotes arguments and debates as well. The latter have increased its rating.

Thanks for being a part of Heroes-R-Us. A few words to conclude..?

I'd say the one with a sense of rumour is hard to find.





  1. How fun. I'm thinking we need to invent the anit-babble pill though. Or at least, I sometimes need that for my kids. =)

    1. Gertude : I don't know what anti-babble means.

      P.S : Thanks :D