Friday 5 April 2013

Deb the Diabetic

"I apologise for the delay! I'm usually punctual but I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and hence couldn't make it on time. I'm extremely sorry! Oh and by the way, you look beautiful! I love your heels. Thanks a ton for inviting me! Here's some sugar candy for free!"

Why, thank you Deb. You needn't apologize. I'm sure coping with diabetes must be hard enough.

"Of course not, that's silly. Though I can't binge on sugar, I have set up my own candy shop in the neighborhood. Sweets and sugar can bring smiles and that's so very nice! My, my that makes me so gladsome."
 Brava! Talk about selflessness and pure generosity. Kindness and compassion. Intelligence and gumption. Care and hospitality. Forbearance and courtesy. And the superwoman who has molded these enriching qualities into one - Deb!

Rumour has it that Deb's mother whilst she was pregnant had unknowingly consumed pills for a month, that had been mysteriously substituted for her high blood pressure medication. The result was of course a stupendous increase in her blood sugar level, that mounted to diabetes. Naturally, the effect of the pill manifested in her child, who was also born an epitome of sugary benevolence.

Deb has won several awards and accolades for her sensationally sweet personality, the biggest one being The Goodness Gracious Award, for having donated half her savings to The Goodness Gracious Child Association. "Her lips lyk sugah, her lips lyk sugah!" sings her husband Inzaleen, who had been saved from the Talibans by a military relief group where Deb worked as a nurse."She fed me lemon honey tea and orange peppermints to distract me from the pain! I fell in love with her, head over heelsss!"

Deb works as a part time child counselor. The kids love her, though some parents complain that their children come home spoiled and insolent after a counseling session. "That lady is a saccharine fraud. She sweet talks them into believing that they must listen to their hearts and speak their minds!"

Deb has the power to please everyone. Her superpower enables to tell them only those things they would love to hear, and though this may sound inappropriate Deb justifies it by saying "Everybody ain't a diabetic. Eat more sugar while you can!"



  1. She's super-sweet for opening a candy-shop knowing she can't have any candy!