Wednesday 28 December 2011

Goodbye 2011

With only a few more days left for the year to end, I'm confused. Do I feel glad that this year is finally coming to an end? Or do I feel depressed and plead it to rewind, in order to undo all those instances of foolishness and probably change some decisions too? Not that it's gonna ever happen. Just wishful thinking after all.

Cliched but true, you can't really dwell on the past. I'd prefer keeping a backup of all the good memories and overwrite on the bad ones. :)

  • The twelfth grade farewell party (the after party technically speaking :P), in February. The eagerness to adorn a saree, the overwhelming compliments, the excitement that hung about the air that evening, escaping the school grounds right under the teachers' nose, dancing to Sheila Ki Jawani over and over again, hooting, screaming, going hysterical, clicking photographs, tears and goodbyes .I realised I would miss school, especially Junior College, my friends, the campus and the teachers (to some extent :P). The sudden pang of sadness I felt after it ended, was unforgettable.

  • Of love, hearts and the like.  February, 3 A.M in the morning, a phone call and an extremely sweet message which will always remain in my head. The beginning of rosy days :).

  • Bye Bye BOARDS! The sense of freedom I felt once the gloomy cloud of Board examinations had cleared, was awesome. Sunshiny days of April. :)

  • Watching India win the world cup! Oye Balle Balle Shava Shava!

  • Discovering my writing skills. Credit goes to Akoustik! :)

  •  Sàwàtdi Thailand!
    A well deserved, week long getaway to Pattaya and Bangkok, in May. Family time, para sailing, underwater sea walk, safari, SHOPPING and Tom Yum soup.

  • Madness with Sammy and Vedant! I had fun babysitting my extremely cute cousins who flew down to India from Seattle this June. I love you both! :)

  • A successful treatment :). Nothing could more relieving than seeing my grandfather respond well to Chemotherapy. Less stress, more smiles and gratitude to God's grace.

  • New friendship and the craziness that lasted from June to August. Adding the Buge twins on Facebook, actually meeting them when they flew down to Pune from Minnesota, was a great experience :). More friends, more fun, Coffee, Pictionary, prank calls, hysterics, clicking pictures and other random stuff.
    I miss you both!

  • Turning Eighteen!
    The most memorable birthday ever. I can't thank my family and friends enough, for making my day so special.

  •  Dio :D
    My biggest birthday present was my bike (scooty sounds lame), Dio. I feel relieved to be freed from the dependance on rickshaws and buses. Whew!

  • Friendship
    I found a best friend in Saudamini Oke, my school buddy. Ironically, we got to know each other after school ended. College hunting, late night chats, jamming, singing, coffee, writing, break ups and other such ups and downs, played a major role. We found comfort in each other's company and all I have to say to her is, I love you Sodapops! :)
  • The Weekender!
    November 18th. Amazing-paisa-vasool-rocking experience which ensured that everyone, from the artists and audience to the volunteers, had a blast. Check out my post on this one. :)

  • The Girl from Australia
    My best friend is back! Well at least for two months. Hello happy days! :)

  • The best Christmas weekend
    I don't celebrate Christmas, but, the festive air, a house packed with relatives, movies, shopping, wine, cake and delicious food was indeed some sort of celebration. :)

    The year isn't over yet. New year's eve is yet to come. Another addition to the happy list. :)

    P.S : 2012. The year when the world comes to an end. Gaah to Roland Emmerich. Let me graduate before that happens.

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