Wednesday 25 January 2012


Sometimes I get the urge to holler "Why the fuck did YOU change?!"

At whom, you may ask. At those whom I knew well once upon a time. At those who have become strangers now. At those who lied and continue to lie that they won't change. Cheats. Why be so pompous and say things they won't ever mean, in a century to come?

Everything about them has changed. From mannerisms to appearance. I look at old photographs on Facebook. The difference glares at me. Should I feel sad? Should I feel frustrated? Or should I simply not care? The third alternative is the hardest. But that's the best one.

"We used to be such good friends." The constant usage of 'used to' implies Change.

I log out of Facebook.

Sometimes, it's better to move on and repress that annoying urge.

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