Sunday 1 January 2012

"Let the jokes begin. It's 2012."

29/12/11, 12:51 pm on WhatsApp:

Me: Arey you idiot, come here next year. The world will end and I won't get to meet you. Miss you loads.

Saif: Lol the world is gonna end! I'll be so pissed if it does I don't even have a baby yet! :(


On that funny note, Happy New Year!

The year did end on a great note with the people who make me smile and some things that are close to the heart -

Homemade chocolate cake
Clover Heights

2011, is now a previous year. The sudden twinge of sadness coupled with a mini flashback, as the last few minutes of the dying year ticked away, was not really intense this time.
It's odd.

Maybe because some moments and experiences were still in the process of being forgotten. I might as well let them go now, along with 2011. :)

Hope this year brings with it some awesome moments and experiences that exceed the regrettable and unpleasant ones and dominate over them.

2011 has taught me to be less impulsive. To ponder and brood less. To go with its flow instead of going against it. To worry less and to enjoy more. To quit wasting time of over stuff which are not in my control. To accept the inevitable. To expect less and let surprises do their thing. To enjoy the present. To screw the past.

So hello 2012. Here are some resolutions and all the jazz.

  • Learn to make an authentic South Indian lunch. Rice, sambar, rasam and sabzi.
  • Take an active part in the kitchen and make Mum proud.
  • Learn to drive without freaking out on the road.
  • Get myself work experience to build my academic resume.
  • Buy myself an Ibanez or a Gibson electric with my own earnings, if God wills. Which sounds super far fetched, I know. Wishful thinking after all.
  • A stint at social work.
  • Stop procrastinating. (Haha hope that happens this year)
  • Quit underestimating myself.
  • Quit getting affected by those who don't give a damn about me.  
  • Resume reading.
  • Remain loyal to blogging.

    So far, so good.

    Till then,


    P.S : Yes I mentioned WhatsApp. I'm using an old Nokia. For the time being. Corby recuperating.


  1. Stop procrastinating. (Haha hope that happens this year)
    Quit getting affected by those who don't give a damn about me.

    I wonder if that will ever happen.. but you can do it Anjooos :)

  2. Come on you gotta encourage me amoo. :P

  3. RASAM. When you make it I want. Promise me.