Wednesday 15 February 2012

Daydreams of an Ex-Girlfriend

A fantastic poem written by my ex-classmate. I love you for this one! :)

So I hear you’re up to your tricks again,
Got a new heart in exchange for mine,
And relief, envy, pride, anger and sorrow,
All stalk me as I stalk you online.

For they told me about your reputation,
Of having for girls an unquenchable thirst,
And I knew I was going to be dumped soon,
So being a smart girl, I dumped you first.

Ha! I remember the look on your face,
I revel in those stunned hazel eyes,
I like to think I pricked your ego, just a little,
By that gaping look of bemused surprise.

But, you know, Mr. Casanova, as I smartly,
Turned my back on you with a toss of my head,
And all along the road as I was walking,
I was hoping you’d call me back instead.

You probably just gave a bemused shrug,
And as soon as I went out of your sight,
You walked into a pub and got hold of,
A new girl with whom to spend the night.

Still, I’ll admit it’s rather a consolation,
Though it’s cold and majorly thin,
For when people ask, “why did he dump you?’’
It’s nice to say, “I dumped him.”

The girls all had told me stories,
About the girls you had gone on to date,
The same might have happened to me, almost,
 I got out before it was too late.

Oh, times with you were lovely, I’ll admit,
I was rather proud at having caught your eye,
And those envious glances of the ladies,
I can’t forget, even though I try.

I thought what every girl had thought,
Thought I’d get you to change your ways,
Foolish enough to think I was different,
I would end the Casanova Days.

I wonder who’ll be the one to hold you,
I wonder if you’ll come back to me,
I wonder a lot of things, Mr. Casanova,
For I was almost in love, you see.

- Ashavari Bhattacharya

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