Wednesday 29 February 2012

It's minus everywhere

I just went through some of my blog posts and I realised some of them reeked of negativity. A large portion of my brain has been enveloped by gloom and broodiness, that are eating into it slowly. I'm sure I have lost weight not only because of my recent bout of illness but also due to overtly dwelling over matters that are not under my control. My appetite has definitely fallen victim to an outburst of useless thoughts.  

What's the solution?

To not ponder and worry? And to just 'chill' as my peers would put it. It's next to impossible for me. It's just in my nature, to worry and engage my mind with futile musings. Sometimes I'm unable to keep them to myself. I call up my close friends and confide in them. Why is it so hard for me to 'chill' ?
It seems like the air is full of minuses; the "-" that seem to penetrate my head, slowly travel the course of my gullet and numb my stomach.

Another minus post, joining the bandwagon.

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