Sunday 1 April 2012

April Arpeggios #atozchallenge

 Ever heard of the word “Arpeggio”? The music enthusiasts must be familiar with it; a broken chord. Then again, what is a chord? A group of notes played together on any musical instrument.  You break the chords into its individual notes, play it in sequence, and ta da! You’ve got your arpeggio!

Note the use of the word “sequence”. The consecutiveness of the notes played matters a great deal. The order that the notes follow can either ascend or descend.

Doesn’t it strike a chord within you? An arpeggio of innumerable notes called milestones and emotions, following a definite course, when played separately and sequentially, form this much hyped entity called Life. The several thousand strings attached to this mighty guitar, (according to my hyperactive imagination) when plucked by an omnipresent, invisible Hand produce several arpeggios, full of zing and zest! The notes may ascend to a zenith called Contentment. They may descend to a nadir called Woe. You can’t control the Hand. Just follow the arpeggio.

Then again, each day and each hour is an arpeggio. The events maybe unknown and may occur haphazardly but amidst all that haphazardness, lies an order, that has already been decided by the owner of the Hand, Fate.

Sunshiny days of April are here again! I hope the April arpeggios turn out to be lively even though the first few notes are along the lines of semester end examinations. Then say it’s time say hello to the swimming pool, loose Tees, shorts, ice creams, lemonade and the like. The words won’t stop though. They form their own arpeggios that flow freely.

A is for Arpeggios. They go up and come down, the sounds of the soul. 


  1. Yum, what a soulful, well-written piece! You must live closer to the equator than I. We would usually have a foot of white stuff packed onto the ground, if this wasn't the wierdest winter on record. But still, it's frost and forty in the afternoon. Winter coats and snuffles. Sigh.

    1. Haha it's horribly hot in Pune!
      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. This much hyped entity called life - love it

  3. I think of the song from the Disney movie, Aristocat. The kittens sing about arpeggios. I remember being amazed they could fit a word like that into a song for kids. :)

  4. Yup! Between Contentment and Woe lies the heart from where music flows. Wonderful beginning to April, Anjali!

  5. Don't think I really appreciated arpeggios before this. Beautiful post. Looking forward to the rest!:)

  6. Don't think I really appreciated arpeggios before this. Beautiful post. Looking forward to the rest!:)