Monday 2 April 2012

Blues that can cheer me up

B is for Blues

Yes. The time has come; time to pore over my mundane books and absorb random terms, definitions, formulae, etcetera. This time brings with it, brilliant ideas and plans that build up in my head whilst my eyes stare at an untidy diagram of E.coli in my Microbiology textbook, their concentration diminishing per second. Random tunes flit in and out of my head. Restlessness. Annoyance. I feel like doing things that would never strike my head otherwise, on days that I would term as ‘boring’ and ‘lame’. Anything to get away from monotony. But my charged up brain loses enthusiasm as it realizes that the examination blues are back. Sigh.
There is a remedy for curing such blues. Say hello to Blues rock and the twelve bar blues riffs that are medium-paced, bringing with them, an air of relaxation.

Though I can get no satisfaction while studying, The Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction” gives me a much needed satisfaction, however brief it maybe.

And I contemplate while Clapton sings,
“Cause no, no, nobody knows you,
When you're down and out.
In your pocket, not one penny,
And as for friends, you don't have any.”

“Oh, Suzie Q!”And Dale Hawkins’ lazy but intoxicating voice sings about his love for the way she walks and talks. Oooh.  Suzie Q.

And it’s all about those little quirky riffs and beats that add an element of irresistibility to these evergreen tunes.

The beach. Feet buried in soft and sparkly sand. Swaying Palm trees that produce a rejuvenating breeze. Shades. Mojito. Bluesy tunes playing in the background. I close my eyes and let my imagination run free; these are some of my favourite things.

Though the thrill seems to have gone for BB King and he feels the blues everyday, I feel quite upbeat after a good dose of the Blues.

I decide to draw the neatest possible diagram of the E.Coli.