Friday 13 April 2012


In music, the connection of musical notes, smooth and gentle, has a soothing effect. Legato, simply means, to be tied together.

Legato makes the toughest, highly intricate guitar leads and solos, seem effortless, when played perfectly. Hendrix is the God of Legato according to me. Slash, follows suit.

Legato reminds me of a rippleless lake, almost mirror-like, where in gazillions of drops are connected together to form an undisturbed mass of water.

Legato reminds of a sea as well. You may ask why. I just mentioned a placid lake. But the waves that make up the sea, though sharp at times and gentle at others, are linked by invisible undercurrents. Quite contrary to the soothing effect of a Legato, the legato of waves renders a turbulent character to the sea.

I wouldn't want to live life like the perfect lake, listless and predictable, events that turn into a meaningless legato. I'd prefer if it were like a rough sea, unknown, surprising and unpredictable. I wouldn't regret living a  legato of ups and downs (with all my cribbing and complaints, of course). Saying "Wow, that was one kick-ass journey!" at the end of it, is worth experiencing such a meaningful legato.

It's time today's legato came to an end. The legato of my words in the post.

Only fifteen minutes left for tomorrow.



  1. Lovely post. Simply beautiful. As a musician too, you have captured "legato" with the perfect words...they were like music!

  2. Loved this post! Never heard of this word before, so am learning something new. Added to vocab!

  3. Very interesting. I learned something about guitars. By the way, great choice when mentioning Hendrix. He was the master!

    1. Hey everyone thanks a million for stopping by!
      Hendrix all the way!

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