Tuesday 17 April 2012


 Sometimes breaking rules is worth giving a shot. Go offbeat!

"You must think out of the box!" How many times has one heard this much beaten to death phrase? Cliched but true,it's important if you don't want to be counted as an average. There's no crime in being ordinary, unexceptional,conventional, following the steadfast rules of life. However when it comes to the essence, and experiencing the awesome sensation of having achieved something big in life, it's all about thinking different, taking risks and using unconventional approaches in tackling universal problems. It's the way to self satisfaction. It's a trait that brings you in the limelight, reflexively. It's inspiring. It's attractive.

Okay, enough of preachy lines and phrases. Musically, an offbeat is an "unaccented beat in a measure", that usually adds appeal to any piece of music. Unconventional beats transform the nature of a song, making it eccentric or quirky at times, changing its mood astonishingly. My ears adore songs with offbeat sections! 

Coming up with such tunes, isn't a cakewalk. A good knowledge of the conventional music, measures and rhythm is required to insert that way-out bit of melody in the song.

Moral of the story? Being average, knowing mediocrity, is the base for going offbeat. Try it. test it. If doesn't work out, experiment.

You have got to be on beat to know what it's like to go offbeat.


  1. Yup,true, its tough to walk off the beaten path. But that's the way to get somewhere and have a kickass journey at the same time. :)

  2. Anjali, your offbeat blogging makes me proud!