Monday 30 April 2012

Zimmering with satisfaction

It's time for Hans Zimmer's dynamic music to render a fitting finale to this month.

I say it's also time to squeeze in a bit of narcissism in my final post for this month.

Twenty five blog posts in the month of April with this one being the twenty-sixth. I can hardly contain my delight. Sundays were certainly off for good behavior. I earned this sense of achievement I'm feeling right now.

This month has been eventful some ways. Writing has acquired a new meaning for me. It kept me away from stress, sadness, and anger. Writing about music was the cherry on the cake. It has been a learning experience (Super-cliched line, I know). I did my homework before coming up with these posts and their respective titles.

I preached a lot especially about life and its doings. Well the thing is I was exposed to all the surprises, shocks, and disappointments, it threw during the course of this month. They followed a sequence, to form an arpeggio as I mentioned in my first post. Overall. it was an April arpeggio that I will never forget.

The examination blues that almost frustrated me, yet left feeling content by the end of it all. I can't thank the cheerful Blues plus Capo-chinos enough for helping me get through this phase.

Sadly there weren't any decelerandos this time. However the month as a whole has been quite expressivo in terms of circumstances. My friends have been big time supports, lightening my mood regularly. Some fugue huh?

April pushed me into getting into the groove of studying, blogging, composing tunes and making most of the time I had with my grandfather.

Hummingbird is one song that is still stuck in my head. A couple of impromptu jamming sessions boosted my spirits, not to mention providing inspiration.

The keys are something that I have been neglecting. I need to get back to playing my keyboard.

It hadn't been a smooth, legato-ish month. April's metronome kept up a rapid tempo of events. I can't believe a month of summer is already over. Meanwhile, guitar classes have definitely helped me sight read better; there's nothing better than joy of being able to interpret musical notes.

I wrote my first story. I decided I would keep it offbeat, and I sincerely hopes it works!

Summer break has given me a chance to pause, analyze whatever has been happening until now, and make plans to keep myself busy. Enough of quicksteps.

The crazy rhapsody of circumstances that April sang of, taught me to not get overtly affected by every little thing. Learning to be staccato.

Thatha's death wasn't unexpected. But I really miss the beautiful timbre of his personality. His passing away had the undertone of peace and happiness. He is probably content in his own place while he has given his family to gradually cope, and get used to his absence.

April has made me stronger. The low phase seems to have infused me with a vivacity to keep writing, and nurture my skills. Writing and music have proved to be the best remedy to my problems.

And as this month comes to a close, I realize it's time to relax a bit. Maybe indulge in a waltz of memories or yodel for the heck of it!

It's time for ze finale! Here's Zimmer's highly popular soundtrack - Main Theme (Pirates of the Caribbean)

And a big thanks to all my fellow bloggers for their appreciation and encouragement. Happy May!


  1. Anjali,

    Well said and well done, not only with this engaging and clever entry, but with hanging tough and growing stronger this month! Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad I got a chance to get to know you through your blog! :)

  2. Well done! I love the way you "wrapped" up this challenge, in neat "A to Z packaging"...
    An excellent finale!
    I'm glad I connected with you during the challenge!

    (When I have time, I will be scrolling through your A to Z entries that I missed...)

  3. Thank you Michelle! I love your blog too. Will make sure I go through your AZ entries as well. Cheers! :)

  4. Hans Zimmerman is great use of Z and he certainly puts a quality finishing touch to many a movie.

  5. What an excellent way to wrap it all up! I'm so super proud of you, Anjali!