Wednesday 25 April 2012


Doesn't matter if you are a brilliant opera singer,
Or a bathroom vocalist,
Or an exceptional guitarist,
Or just a novice,
Because it's the vivacity that you add to the music, which matters.

Music is zilch without spirit. Though technically, fast and lively tempos are termed as Vivace, this word has its origin in"Vivacious" which means, full of spirit or life. Quick paced numbers usually grab anyone's attention, their gusto and vigor being quite addictive. However, any song, irrespective of its pace, can be spirited as long as the musician becomes the music.

Mediocrity usually stems from lifeless, soulless music, which isn't music really. Standard beats  with just a bunch instruments thrown in, maybe an incompetent vocalist as well. And, let's not forget meaningless words. Where's the zeal?

Similarly, one's got to be upbeat and enthusiastic as often as he can; quick to overcome ugly phases and making the most of all that is good. Man, you just get one life. One chance. Being a cynic, or sluggish or some sort of a prosaic douche isn't going to help.

It's better to think of it as a song that's vivace, rather than thinking of it as tedious, dismal tune. It's better to make any vapid, unpleasant task seem appealing, for your own satisfaction, else you would sit drowning in a sea of woes.

Going all out, giving your best shot, is the way to a vivace nature.

Here's something quite vivace
-Have a funky night!


  1. Hi Anjali.
    I love your thoughts on Vivace... and guess what? My V-post is also Vivace... *smiles*

  2. Great post, I also liked your comment on mediocrity. I think we look for excuses to celebrate mediocrity nowadays.