Wednesday 11 April 2012

Jams and jims

Improvisation and jam go together like bread and butter.

I'm a free bird! It's time to say bye bye to exams, biochemistry and dull textbooks. Hello holidays! :-)

The first thought that I ran into my head the second I stepped out of the lab was to call a friend with whom I could jam. It's nice to have friends who are musically inclined. I thought of my guitar and all those tunes I improvised while staring at random words in my book. I have two months of freedom stretching ahead of me. I can probably implement all my plans and ideas.

Jam. It has its types.It's unpleasant when it's on the road, Traffic's best friend. It could even befriend a shutting door and hurt your fingers, if they accidentally come in its way.


 It's delicious on a golden toast with buttery edges. It's wonderfully sweet, with an essence of strawberries or pineapples or mangoes or a combination of all.

It plays the best role in music. It gives all musicians a high. It gets you drunk on riffs and lyrics, produced on the spur. A moment that is musically charged can make you head-bang or make your fingers go crazy on the fretboard or give your vocal cords a kick. There is no audience to please or a stage that can make you nervous. It's about making music that delights you, without giving a damn and sometimes it's better than a high that a stage performance or a gig renders.

I'm sure you must have figured which one's my favorite.

Take your pick!


  1. I love jamming! i actually miss jamming with friends since I'm so busy working.
    Dropping by from the A-Z!

  2. There's nothing like the jamming of a drum circle, when everyone has their groove going. Happy holidays to you!

  3. I love your take on jam! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  4. Nothing like jamming with friends, you're right! I for one am waiting to hear those tunes that run through your head.
    Happy summer!

  5. How I miss my jamming days, Anjali!