Tuesday 3 April 2012


I have a fetish for guitar capos. It’s this thing which when clamped to the neck of any stringed, fretted instrument, raises its pitch. It’s really awesome actually.  Chords played without a capo can be played on a different key by using a capo. Okay I’m probably confusing my readers but in simpler words, a capo helps a singer to accompany a guitar easily.  It enables guitarists to either increase the key of the song in order to suit the singer’s pitch or play the song in the same pitch by using easier chord shapes (the basic chords remain unchanged). It’s beneficial to both, vocals and instrument. If you still don’t get it, go read Wikipedia or some guitar tutorial site. Sorry, but I tried. Sigh.

It’s frustrating when I’m unable to play a trippy, addictive rhythm satisfactorily because of its finger-torturing chord shapes. A capo is a Godsend. Trust me, it is, even though purists and pros might term it as ‘Cheater Barres’, which is rather unfair.

My intention wasn’t to bore you with factual descriptions about this amazing device. Apologies.

I have a fetish for Cappuccinos as well. They are Godsends too, especially when I’m agitated and hyper, snapping and yelling at everyone around me. Fantastic stimulants. My life would be incomplete without Caffeine, especially cappuccinos, with extra cream and chocolate sauce. Mmm. Cappuccino floods my head with inspiring thoughts, tunes and words.It is similar to a Capo which stimulates me to play the most difficult rhythms and leads, easily, with a bit of brainstorming included; a music stimulant.

So here I am, playing an easier version of Mayer’s "Your Body is a Wonderland", capo and all, with a cup of creamy Cappuccino by my side, that is eagerly waiting to be sipped.

C is for + = Capo-chino

Guitar enthusiasts, fancy a Capo-chino?

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  1. Nice play on words. Cappuccinos must be a universal fav! Also this is a great explanation of the capo. Though, I'm trying to get my Capo around the idea that the clamp is called a
    'head' in Italian! :)