Friday 6 April 2012

Friendly Fugue

F is for Fugue

Mum was talking about a fugue and its concept. I decided to look it up. A fugue? It is a musical composition that combines one or more melodies in different voices. Or as The Free Dictionary would put it, "In music, it is a form of composition in which the basic principle is imitative counterpoint of several voices."

Here's an entertaining tutorial by Mr.Daniel Pi, on how to write a fugue. Enjoy.

A central theme that is expressed in several different, voices and pitches, simultaneously, is what constitutes a fugue. Each melody retains its individuality, but at the same time imitates another,  but their culmination, results into beautiful music.

Yes, Bach is the Father of Fugue. GO LISTEN.

Yes, Deep Purple enthusiasts, Highway Star begins with a fugue-y riff. I just figured.

Come to think of it, friendship is a fugue. My best friends and I aren't similar; poles apart, you can say. Yet, there is something that has made us click.As individuals we think and do different, yet there is this bond that holds us together. There are moments when we agree, when we laugh and when we share those special moments.Then again, there are moments when we don't get along, when we disagree and when we argue.It's a mixture of emotions, moments and experiences. The theme of our fugue is friendship. A soulful fugue that has given each of us, a storehouse of memories.

Could you think of another fugue?

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  1. Friendship is a fugue. This is such a neat idea, Anjali! And its certainly true.
    Am thoroughly enjoying your posts!