Saturday 21 April 2012


Being detached to certain scenarios, and people isn't a crime. Disconnect is sometimes better than association. The strings could be played staccato.

Staccato is the opposite of Legato. It's the opposite of smooth connection. Staccato is a form of musical articulation, indicating that the notes should be played detached, their duration shortened. Instead of being bonded together, staccato notes sound abruptly disconnected. A combination of legato and staccato, when blended well together, adds a unique touch to the melody.

You may wonder how staccato could contribute to a melody when it means disconnect and disjunction. Music isn't always about smooth, free flowing notes. It isn't always about intense emotions. These are notes that show indifference, but unknowingly add to the beauty of the tune, their impassivity being superficial.

And then again, I have come across many individuals, aloof by character, never letting any emotion surface on their faces, yet putting on some sort of facade of going with the flow. The people-may-come-and-go-but-I-don't-get affected attitude. I often displayed a distaste towards such people because expression matters to me a lot.

But then there is a reason behind all that nonchalance. It's only after experiencing personal problems, that I have realized, sometimes a little bit of disconnect is the way from getting bogged down by negativity. Getting overwhelmed by every bad phase, isn't healthy. Probably, aloofness is the only solution to these problems. Probably, the staccato character behind such people is intentional, and intense to cover the fact that they care.

Moments of disconnect are important to let one deal with themselves and others around them. It isn't always about smooth, unobstructed flow.


  1. Detachment is the key sometimes. Anjali, you deserve a hug for this post!

  2. You're doing great finding a post for every alphabet with the same theme

  3. Wonderful post, girl! Loved the connections you're bringing up. Detachment is sometimes the key, very tough, though. If you managed to succeed, kudos to you. I have yet to learn.