Friday 27 April 2012



So obscure, yet very important.

It adds a special touch to anyone or anything, you know that "X-factor", which is in great demand these days. 

A good dose of X could mean anything -
Xcstacy, Xtraordinary ,Xcellency ,Xceptionality ,Xcitement ,Xpression.

A bad dose, on the other hand has unpleasantness attached to it -
Xhaustion, Xplosion, Xasperation, Xtravagance, Xaminations.

And the list goes on and on.

It's time to revert to the topic. Technically speaking, the actual word describing overtly expressive music, gushing with emotions, is Espansivo, that has its origin in the word 'Expansive'.

I prefer subtleties to effusion. Expression is enough to emphasis the mood of any song, but, according to me, excess expression kills any form of music. I may be wrong. Maybe sometimes music needs to be effusive, as in the case of drama and background scores. Yet, it doesn't appeal to me.

I wouldn't want to name any, but I already have list of singers and bands that are con molto Xpansivo, in they way they sing and compose songs.

Moderation is the key to everything. So cliched. A much beaten to death saying.

But, there's a reason why I can't tolerate highly jumpy people around me as well. Craziness, anger, eagerness, excitement, passion should be controlled, else it just gets annoying, sometimes scary. Seriously.

It could also mean that the other person is just trying too hard. Is it all a pretense after all? Or is it genuine?

I know I just sounded really Xtreme, but it was something I just couldn't resist bringing up.



  1. I'm sure my husband would understand this word...he plays the bass guitar! Just stopping by from the Challenge...

  2. Interesting thoughts. Your blog is beautiful by the way.

  3. I think that the X-post is the most frustrating and also the most exciting post for the challenge.
    Frustrating because it's difficult to find a musically-related x word (I had to tweak a word to fit my x-post, just like you did...)
    Exciting because it's going to be interesting to see what other bloggers come up with.
    I love all the X-words you mentioned in your post... and espansivo is a great word!

    1. Trust me, I had to rack my brains and research a bit to come up with this title! Thanks! :D

    2. Hey Michelle, I have been unable to access your blog. Says your site's bandwidth limit has been exceeded! :(

  4. Thanks Anjali. It's all sorted out now and I'm back online... :)