Wednesday 18 April 2012


Sometimes if you pause and analyze the momentum in which your whole life has been whizzing past you, a myriad of realizations will come tumbling down upon you.

How many times do you find that moment of rest or solace that makes you stop for a bit, enjoy the sights and sounds around you?

How many times have you found the time to clear old cupboards; forgotten treasuries of black and white photographs, yellowed letters and diaries, key-chains, jaded purses, tarnished earrings, usually invisible dresses and shirts , dried up ink pens, a non functional wrist watch, old but tantalizing perfumes, and the list could go on. Each treasure has a memory associated with it which in turn is linked to another and that to another, and so on; it's a beautiful train that takes you down the memory lane. Credit goes to that small period of repose that enabled your mind to get onto this train.

A five minute coffee break is also ample time to take your mind of stress and tensions that bog you down; Bittersweet caffeine and its amazing effects on the human brain.

You are not a robot or a machine that works without a break. (Even machines and robots need a break, else they would heat up and Boom! Ok, I'm rambling..sorry). You wouldn't possibly be able to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and experiences, if your life sped past you at the breakneck speed of a fire engine. Often, I have heard middle-aged individuals talk regretfully about their lives. "It was such a blur, that we could hardly grasp what was happening." They didn't have enough pauses in their lives.They probably always felt choked and overwhelmed by Time's pace.
A similar concept of rests and pauses is applicable in music. According to Wiki, "A rest is an interval of silence in a piece of music, marked by a symbol indicating the length of the pause." Rests vary with duration. They have different names and symbols.

They say music is about the variety in pitches, textures, and resonance of various instruments and voices. But actually, music also about those spaces in between the melodies. These spaces add charisma to any musical piece. They allow the music to sink in you. They let each instrument or voice breathe at intervals.A song can't consist of non-stop music that makes absolutely no sense by the end of it.

Claude Debussy said it more simply:
Music is the space between the notes.

These spaces have a much deeper meaning than you think.


  1. Absolutely loved this one. Especially the last few lines. Its a lot harder than it sounds, to slow down and just be!

  2. Aah...these spaces have a much deeper meaning! Love it!