Saturday 7 April 2012

Get into the Groove!

So says Madonna.

Bet this word features in the Top Ten Words of a music zealot's vocabulary. 

Groove is the sensation created when different elements of music interact with each other. It's all about those groovy rhythms, groovy riffs and groovy beats that give you that kick, that punch which makes you bob your head with headphones, or maybe tap your feet to the beats or do a small jig or even go ahead and dance like there's no tomorrow.

 It's only when those catchy riffs are combined with the energized beats of a drum, blending in with the soft tones of a piano or with the high pitch of a violin, in a steady tempo, that you exclaim, "Man I can feel the music now!".  Take the tabla and drums. Or the guitar and the flute. Or Hindustani Classical vocals with Opera. The fusion of tones and voices is amazing and that's what makes it groovy.

Life is quite groovy, if you actually sit and analyze.

I'm not talking about our mundane routines, jobs, academics and those hassles. Yeah, I have cribbed about life being miserable and horrible but it's not always like that. It follows a pattern, a cyclic cadence. You have your woes, but they are soon followed by pleasures. Slogging at work or at college or school? Don't worry, a break will soon be round the corner. Yeah, there's a whole lot of philosophy regarding a stress-free and a care-free life. But, according to me, sometimes stress is the key to put me back into a groove; a goal to be accomplished that follows some sort of an agenda. It keeps me on my toes and I like that for a change. Likewise, being on a vacation with my family lets me breathe, relax and let my hair done for a while. The fast pace of life with it's tensions, claustrophobia, monotony and woes in combination with its surprises, joys and moments makes it quite groovy.

For now, I shall sign off with Junkyard Groove's "It's Ok."

It's Ok, it's alright.



  1. Nice post, Anjali!
    You're right about stress. A little bit of it can put one back on track. All in the adrenaline! :)

    Your topic reminds me of a song from one of my favorite groups...Simon and Garfunkel. (I think their poetry is so good. They sing pretty songs)
    Here's the link, enjoy.

  2. Really enjoyed this, Anjali!

    Hope you have a groov-y weekend!