Monday 16 April 2012

Note it down

Any form of sound that is melodious to the ear falls under this universally loved category called Music. What is it? It's an organization of a number of sounds, pleasurable to the human ear, in appropriate rhythm and harmony. You create and improvise it. Life without music, is body without soul, lackluster, minus any inspiration or emotion.

Music is an entity, a rather special one that too, which understands a particular language of unique characters called Notations. As an individual, music is naturally, con molto expressivo, evoking various moods and emotions through this language. Musical notes are maps to melodies, binding them to paper, making them accessible to a wider audience. Rhythm, tempo, key, scales, and octaves can be expressed easily by notations. They have to be understood and learnt; there is a multitude of teachers who are willing to share their knowledge.

Consider this - Had Mozart not known this language, his beautiful compositions, symphonies and solos would have died a tragic death along with him; the world would have missed out on the works of a genius. That being a hypothesis, those numerous sheets of endless notations, representing his brilliant works, have survived. They continue to be used by millions of budding musicians, who can't help but marvel at his proficiency. Long live Mozart!

Knowing the musical language isn't a must. However, it is tremendously beneficial to those who know it. Improvisations, though easily created in the mind, are prone to memory lapses. It's always a good idea to note it down, so that later they can be reproduced by musical instruments and voices alike.

Before I sign off, I would suggest you take note of my post. Who knows, it may come useful at some point.


  1. "Musical notes are maps to melodies, binding them to paper, making them accessible to a wider audience." Well said, Anjali!

  2. Hi, I don't know much about music composition, just know what I like to hear and what is not pleasing to my ear. I can read music to a degree, enough to sight read when our choir is learning a new piece of music. I grew up on church music and country music, which gave me a good foundation for music appreciation. Great post! Best regards to you, Ruby aka Grammy

    1. Thanks a ton for stopping by! I love church music as well :-)